I recently saw a post in a Facebook group where an athlete was at their wits end with their knee pain.  They had initially injured it a couple of years ago, didn't see anyone about it and continued on with pain that was impacting their job and hobbies.  Recently, the knee pain has increased leading to them not being able to participate in their hobby at all and they were seriously worried that their employment would become impacted if something didn't change soon. 

They had tried: rest, ice, heat and stretching with no improvement.  

This doesn't have to be your reality.  By getting assessed when the injury first occured or when the pain started to recently increase, this person could have: 

  • kept participating in their hobby leading to improved mental health and overall outlook on the adaptability of their body
  • kept working at 100% - decreasing their anxiety about their employment being impacted by them not being able to perform their duties. 
  • be on a path to increased resilence with a treatment plan developed with their lifestyle and goals in mind. 

I completely understand that going to a doctor isn't the most desirable thing.  However, not doing what you love, being worried about your job and being in pain for years, doesn't sound very desirable to me...

Emily Rausch

Emily Rausch


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