Your lower extremity is important in daily life as well as in athletic performance.
A variety of conditions can be improved with conservative care.

From snapping hip to Runner's knee to ankle sprains, at Empowered MVMT, we are able to develop a treatment plan that reduces your pain and improves your function. 

Hip Flexor Tightness
A significant portion of the population reports feeling tightness in the front of their hips.

This tightness can be a result from sitting too much, too much stretching and not enough strengthening or as a protective mechanism to protect the low back.

A proper assessment will determine your specific cause and a treatment plan will be developed to address your symptoms as well as empower you to reduce it occuring in the future. 

Runner's Knee also known as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is the most common cause of knee pain in the general population.
It is often the result of overuse of the knee in sports that require jumping or running, so it is sometimes referred to as runner's knee.

Runner's knee will affect an estimated 25% of adults.

Some of the most common causes of runner's knee is an imbalance between the muscles of your thigh, weakness of your gluteal muscles, or flat feet due to weakness in the muscles of your feet. 

Runner's knee produces a dull pain behind the kneecap that is aggravated by prolonged walking, running, squatting, jumping, stair climbing, or arising from a seated position. You may notice that the pain is often worse when walking downhill or downstairs. 

Your foot and ankle are your connection to the world.
With every step, whether it's walking or running, your foot connects to the ground.

Having pain in your foot or ankle will change how you walk or run.  This compensation can lead to pain in other parts of your body, causing knee, hip or low back pain.  

Too frequently, the treatment for foot pain is an orthotic.  While these may provide a temporary fix, they don't address the underlying concern leading to the pain.  By improving your mobility, strength and coordination, you may be able to stop wearing orthotics and reduce your pain. 

Don't let your hip, knee or foot pain continue to impact your daily life or performance.
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