Welcome to Empowered MVMT Chiropractic.
A Sports Chiropractic Clinic specializing in movement.
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First Visit
What to expect

After scheduling your first visit, you will be emailed an online intake form.  Please take the time to fill out this form entirely and as accurately as possible as it will be used to determine your diagnosis and treatment plan.  You will notice that there are policies at the end, by signing the form, you are agreeing to comply with them.

Wear clothes that you are comfortable moving in to all of your appointments. 

The first visit will last roughly one hour.  You and the doctor will discuss the information you provided on your intake form in more detail.  If your condition seems to be one that will respond well to conservative care, an in-depth evaluation will occur.  If you or Dr. Emily determine that you need imaging or to visit a different provider for your concerns, a referral will be made.  

Phases of the evaluation:
1. Vitals - height, weight and blood pressure will be taken.
2. Neurological Evaluation - reflexes, muscle strength, coordination, & ability to feel different sensations 
3. Movement Assessment - Range of Motion, Functional Movement Screen &/or Selective Functional Movement Assessment. An example - the ability to repeatedly move from sitting to standing
4. Orthopedic Assessment - includes moving the body into different positions while applying pressure to help determine which structures may be contributing to your concern

Dr. Emily will discuss the findings and recommend a treatment plan.  If your concern typically responds well to conservative care & you give consent for treatment, care will begin.

Follow Up Visits
Most concerns take multiple visits to resolve. At Empowered MVMT, we want to set you up for long term success and complete resolution of your concerns.

Follow up visits are either 30 minutes or one hour in length depending upon the severity and number of your concerns.  

These visits will begin with a short checkin to see how you responded to your last visit, discuss any questions that arised during your home exercise plan and any changes in your life. 

Depending upon your treatment plan, these visits may include a variety of our services

Active care is a priority in our office.  Come prepared at every visit to move!

Empowered MVMT is a cash based/out of network clinic.
Your health is your greatest investment.

We do not bill any insurance company.

Payment is due at time of service. 
Cash, credit/debit cards, FSA/HSA, and checks are accepted. 

You may have out-of-network benefits depending upon your individual insurance policy.  It is your responsibility to determine if you have benefits & what paperwork is necessary to submit a claim.  

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