Neck pain & Headaches are a very common issue.
Understanding the causes and how to prevent them will improve your quality of life.

Up to 67% of neck pain is due to joint irritation.  

At Empowered MVMT, your initial evaluation will determine the diagnosing the type of neck pain and headache you are suffering from.  We will then build a treatment plan that works to improve the direct and indirect causes of your neck pain/headache.

Most of our patients receive a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy and corrective exercises to reduce your pain and improve function. Our goal is to empower you to address the lifestyle factors that are contributing to your pain and help you achieve a life-long resolution of pain, not just a temporary fix. 

Common Types of Headaches

Tension-Type Headache

Most common type of headache
This type of headache feels like a band is tightening around the head, like a helmet that is too small and are frequently associated with muscular stress and a lack of sleep.
Tension-type headaches typically respond very well to chiropractic care.

Cervicogenic Headache

This type of headache commonly presents on one side of the head.  It usually starts at the back of your head/neck and travels towards the forehead or temple and may move behind your eye. 
The cause can be traced to poor movement of the joints in the upper portion of the neck, resulting in radiatign pain. 
Cervicogenic headaches frequently respond well to chiropractic care. 


Migraines usually present as severe, pulsating headache that may switch from side to side.
People who suffer from migraines may also notice sensitivity to light and/or loud noises, experience symptoms of nausea and/or vomitting along with a headache. 
There are many different causes of migraines.  During your initial evaluation, an indepth history and evaluation will help determine the contributing causes of your migraines.