Practice for fall sports starts next week!

I can almost guarantee that athletes are beyond excited to be able to play again after being forced to take time off during 2020. 

Since it has been a while since sports happened as they normally would, there are a few things that I want athletes and their parents to be aware of:

  • Injury rates in high school sports are extremely high.  Up to 90% of athletes have reported an injury during a season. The severity of these injuries varies from mild, such as sprains/strains, to severe, such as fractures and concussions. 
  • A high number of athletes, more than 50%, report playing through injuries.  
  • Overuse injuries outnumber acute injuries and can be drastically reduced if not prevented entirely. 
  • What happens outside of practice/games matters just as much, if not more than what happens during practice/games. 
    • Prioritizing recovery is key.  The athlete needs to be getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, enough water, managing stress and moving in a variety of ways. 
  • "Wait and see" and "take a few weeks off" rarely address the underlying issues.  Active problems require active solutions. 


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Emily Rausch

Emily Rausch


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