If you've ever been injured, you likely have a bit of fear about being injured again. 

If you're one of the lucky people who have never been injured, you may have some fear about eventually being injured. 

In either case, being fearful of the chance of being injured is likely impacting how you are performing. 


It's quite challenging to push yourself when fear has one foot on the brakes. 


A lot of the athletes I work with, come to me in pain.  

In most cases, getting out of pain is the easiest part of treatment.  

Truly addressing what contributed to the injury takes time and effort.   A large part of it is working through the mental component of an injury. Not feeling safe in your body and your body's ability to handle load is a major issue for athletes. 

Too many athletes return to their activity before they feel confident in their body's ability to perform. 


This is unacceptable.  Part of your treatment plan needs to include a plan to return to you to your desired level of activity.  This includes progressively exposing your body to movements that mimic what you will be doing so that you can feel confident in your body and ability to perform. 

Emily Rausch

Emily Rausch


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