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I had a conversation with a patient yesterday.  This isn’t out of the ordinary.  I enjoy spending time talking to the people I work with, even outside of their treatment time.  My phone number is on my website & people will call/text with questions.  The conversation yesterday, both frustrated me & added fuel to the “why” behind Empowered MVMT.  


This person has been experiencing pain that has been evaluated by multiple doctors.  They have had extensive imaging.  For context, imaging isn’t recommended besides in cases of suspected disease or following trauma in the first 6 weeks of pain.  Even then, there are steps that are generally followed in the hierarchy of imaging. 

The reason for the call?  They have a surgery consult next week & don’t understand what the report says.  NO ONE has taken the time to go over the imaging report with this person in a manner that they understand & can remember.  I don’t know the entire story and it’s very well likely that someone did go over it at one point but if the person is still confused about it’s content & their treatment options, someone dropped the ball.

Why it matters

This is a ball that should NOT be dropped.  This person is considering an invasive procedure that may or may not improve their quality of life.  Without completely understanding the imaging report, they may not be able to give informed consent.  

Informed Consent

Informed consent defined: permission granted in the knowledge of the possible consequences, typically that which is given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits.

The Empowered MVMT Way

Education is one of the key pillars at Empowered MVMT.  You don’t know what you don’t know and consenting to something you don’t understand, isn’t consent.  You deserve to know and understand your treatment options, even if that means you won’t be treated in our office.  

Your initial visit functions as a screen to see if you are in the right type of provider's office as well as if your concern can be helped by Sports Chiropractic care.  If we believe that it can be, your condition will be explained in a manner that you understand.  Like pictures? I will draw for you.  Want nicer pictures?  I have apps for that.  More of a word person? You will be emailed information from a variety of sources that describe your condition & treatment options. 

Prior to getting treated, the risks, benefits and alternatives will be discussed.  If you consent to treatment, we will move forward.  If you change your mind, the treatment plan will be altered.  

Healthcare shouldn't be scary

There are scary things that can happen.  Fear of the unknown shouldn't be part of the equation.  You deserve to understand all of your treatment options & be able to chose what works best for you.  

Emily Rausch

Emily Rausch


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